Ventilators, compressors and airtechnical systems




The SPELLEKEN company in Wuppertal was closed down on the 31st January 2002.


We have acquired the incorporeal economit property of the company Spelleken for the area compressors (rotary blowers) and are therefore able to deliver original spare parts since year of construction 1969, expertly repairs of the whole compressor area as well as unique production of compressors.


Many years of tight business connections with the company Spelleken gave us the advantege, to further offer you the service for rotary blowers.

Interruption times of your production amount to enormous costs. To minimize those as much as possible, we have thought it all over in advance.


We dispose of the following important components for an exact repair or basic renewal of your defective rotary blowers:

  • versatile knownledge in repair, servicing and basic renewal of rotary blowers (of all brands)
  • specially trained personnel
  • huge stock of spare parts
  • construction drawings
  • spare part listings
  • lubrication plans
  • equipment such as suction filters, rebound flaps, beltdiscs, drive belts